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Displaying 1-48 of 356 Item(s)

Whether you’re trudging away in the big city or the comfort of your home office, there is no other place you are as stagnant for as long as you are when you’re at work. How do you feel when you finally get up from your chair to take a break? If you are as crippled as you are getting out of the budget seats of an airplane, your body may be trying to tell you something. It’s time for a new executive office chair.

What to Look for in a Comfortable Office Chair.

There are cool office chairs, and there are cute office chairs, but when the health of your spine is at stake, you need to look beyond design.

Lumbar Support: Pain in your lower back from prolonged sitting is very uncomfortable and if left untreated, can become debilitating. Luxury office chairs generally come with specifically designed supports in the lower back area. This extra cradling can go a long way in preventing nerve damage that builds over time thanks too poor fitting seating.

Adjustability: An adjustable office chair is essential. Invest your money in chairs that have at least five different adjustable areas. For maximum comfort, the arms, lumbar region, seat height and width and tension should all be customizable. A high back office chair is dramatic, sure…but if you’re on the short side, the result can be more comedy than comfort.

Movement: A good chair will allow you the freedom to move about your space without getting up. Office chair wheels make this possible as well as a swivel base. Just be sure that the wheels you choose are specific to the flooring in your office. If you are working in a carpeted area, look for wheels designed to move smoothly over the fabric.

Where CAN’T you Find Office Chairs on Sale?

Office chairs seem to be everywhere. From garage sales to big lots office chairs blow out sales, there is no shortage of options. Do you want to risk the health of your spine on the cheapest deal you can get? You won’t have to sacrifice your budget or your comfort when you shop at 1StopBedrooms. We know office furniture like the back of our hands and have done the research to bring you a collection of ergonomic, stylish office chairs. Take advantage of our secure financing or selection of online coupons to make your purchase even more comfortable. We take the stress out of online shopping, giving you more time to swivel away in your home office to your heart's content!