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How to choose and buy your ideal TV Stands and TV Console

Let’s face it, television is important to us for both education and relaxation. But how can you relax if you’re facing an entertainment unit that’s held together with duct tape and dreams? Maybe it’s time to give your tv the respect it deserves and treat it to a brand new tv stand with storage.

Choosing the Right Stand – Not as Hard as You’d Think!

Finding the best unit for your space requires a bit of leg work. You could jump on line and head to the first big lots furniture tv stand sale you find but without the proper measurement and understanding of your individual needs, you’d be lost.

Step One: Determine the size of the wall you intend to place your unit against. Without the proper dimensions, you may end up with a small tv stand that is dwarfed by the size of the room. High ceilings? Large wall? You’ll need a high tv stand to compensate. A good understanding of your options will save you any frustration in the long run.

Step Two: Determine the height of your television by multiplying the diagonal screen size by 0.49. Then, grab a tape measure and take a seat. Extend it from your eye line to the wall where you intend to put the television. Have a friend mark the wall where the tape hits. This is your natural eyeline. Your television should be placed no lower than 12 inches below this mark. Having a too high or too low tv stand can not only cause eye strain but it takes from the immersive experience most of us are looking for.

Step Three: The right unit needs to be able to store more than just your television. Gaming consoles, modems and PVR units gather in that space, spewing out unattractive cords seemingly everywhere. TV stands with drawers are perfect if you prefer to hide the blinking lights of your gear away. Those who like easy access to their devices may prefer a tv stand with shelves. After all, how is anyone going to appreciate your video game collection if you can’t show it off?

Your Ideal Stand Awaits!

Whether you need a low profile tv stand or a museum quality wall unit, we have it at 1StopBedrooms. Not only do we leave the competition behind in terms of selection, but our customer service is second to none. Confused? Our furniture experts are available over the phone or online chat to help you choose. Tax free and with free shipping, your purchase is delivered on time and with extra help for set up if needed. Don’t let your ugly entertainment unit distract you from another episode! You deserve to binge in style.