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One of the hardest things to incorporate into your home’s interior is storage. Sure, we’ve all got a chest or two around, but when it comes to making space to display your décor items, it’s easy to get stumped. Before you bruise your walls trying to put up shelves, consider investing in a few side tables instead.

What’s the difference between end table and side table pieces?

End tables serve your sofa. They flank either side and support lamps or other household objects that are best kept at arm’s length. A side table however, can be placed anywhere where there is extra space. Have a massive, empty wall? An unusual side table instantly fills the space and adds interest. Creative side tables are like works of art in themselves, acting as places to both display your décor items and your style. Not confined to a living room like most end tables, side tables can work as storage and service in the dining room and are a welcome addition in the bedroom as well.

Unique Side Table Ideas

Luxury side tables can also be used in the exterior of your home. If you love entertaining outside, they make excellent places to set up a cocktail station or serve food on. If you’re an avid gardener, why not set up a small greenhouse on one? Just ensure that your table is constructed of materials such a metal or sealed wood so that it can hold its own against the environment.

Learning to Design Side Table Spaces

Want to keep it inside but are confused about how to dress a side table? Think symmetry. A lamp on either end of the table can add light to a dark hallway. Décor items should be arranged equally or in groups of three to be more visually striking. Beautiful side tables also work to ground large statement pieces on your walls such as a mirror or large painting. The only limit is your creativity.

Finding Cheap Side Tables Online

You want style, but you don’t want to go bankrupt! It’s true that a side table can work miracles if you’re in a design rut, but the number of overpriced pieces available online can be intimidating. The good news is that you can have that stunning, signature table you’ve been after and save money too. 1StopBedrooms is your ultimate source for affordable, top shelf furnishings. No sales tax, monthly sales and coupon as well as secure financing should you need it makes us your best choice financially as well as creatively. Take a look at our matchless selection of side tables today!