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How to choose and buy your ideal End Table

The end table is just not celebrated enough! Often used but seldom admired, they flank the rest of our furniture, tying entire rooms together while holding necessities such as lamps, books or remotes. A room without an end table can look practically naked! They are an essential – the anchor that holds the rest of your furniture down.

End Tables Designs

There are as many different stylish end tables as there are interior design schemes. Like an industrial look? End tables with wheels will fit in just fine. Favor an unusual flavor to your home? There are many creative end tables that add interest and spark to the room. Go ahead and experiment! Round, triangle, nesting, mismatched or minimal – because they are not the focus of the room, you can afford to make choices that express your style.

What are the Ideal End Table Sizes?

Typical end table height is somewhere between 22-30 inches. This is the standard for most classic designs and tends to work well with all traditional sofas or tables. However, if you have a lower, mid-century style sofa or an overstuffed, oversized model, you’ll need to be more flexible with your sizes. The rule of thumb is the choose shorter rather than taller. Your end tables should fit just below the height of the sofa arms for maximum reachability.

Where to Buy End Tables Online

Now that you’ve been convinced to buy end table additions for your home, the next step is finding the right place to spend your money. You want cheap end table ideas? You want deep discounts? You want coupons? 1StopBedrooms has you covered. Not only do we offer exceptional pricing, but we’ll ship your new end tables to you for free and with no additional sales tax. We take your end table search seriously – let us help you to find that anchor your room has been needing!