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How to choose and buy your ideal Console Table

Open your front door and take a look at the first thing your neighbors see. Is it a tangle of boots and school bags? Does your entrance do nothing but mark the space where the exterior ends? Maybe it’s time to upgrade.

What is a Console Table For?

Designed for the entryway, console tables a true catch-all solution. Because it’s the first thing seen when entering the home, it’s a gatekeeper to the rest of your style. It’s also the perfect place to store all the trappings you usually cart around when you’re out. Whether you choose extra high console tables furniture or tiny ones, don’t skimp on style!

Console Table Designs

The right console table can add light and fill an otherwise dull space. It’s an appetizer for the rest of the house – it should welcome you to explore further. Choosing a design is as easy as coordinating it with the rest of your furniture choices. If you have a house of mid-century modern pieces, be sure that your table reflects that. More eclectic? Borrow from other design styles or try an extra high console table to create interest? Because it’s not a predominant piece, you can have fun with it more than you could with a sofa or bedroom set.

Console Table Decorating

There are as many different ways to arrange your designer console table as there are styles. Flanking it with chairs in matching (or contrasting) styles grounds the table as well as fills excess space. If you’re dealing with a cramped area, hanging a mirror over your elegant console tables furniture creates the illusion of more room. Searching for more storage? Try putting coordinating baskets on either side as a catch-all bin for keys and the like. If you’re in a kid crowded home, an ottoman/chest beneath not only invites people to have a seat but serves as extra storage for shoes. It’s use it up to you, be sure you choose the kind of affordable console tables that make a lasting impression on your guests as well as your budget.

Where do I find cheap console tables for sale?

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