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Coffee and Cocktail Tables

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Best-sellers Coffee and Cocktail Tables Price List

Name Brand Name Collection Name Price
1 Riley Walnut and Clear Glass Coffee Table ACME Riley Collection $401.06
2 Norcastle Coffee Table Signature Design by Ashley Norcastle Collection $298.31
3 Todoe Dark Gray Lift Top Cocktail Table Signature Design by Ashley Todoe Collection $357.22
4 Sharzane Gray and Brown Round Cocktail Table Signature Design by Ashley Sharzane Collection $248.19
5 Bolanburg Weathered Gray Lift Top Cocktail Table Signature Design by Ashley Bolanburg Collection $351.84
6 Shellmond Two Tone Accent Cocktail Table Signature Design by Ashley Shellmond Collection $106.93
7 Carynhurst White Lift Top Cocktail Table Signature Design by Ashley Carynhurst Collection $413.07
8 Porter Rectangular Lift-Top Cocktail Table Signature Design by Ashley Porter Collection $219.55
9 Porter Cocktail Table Signature Design by Ashley Porter Collection $331.65
10 Cross Island Lift Top Cocktail Table Signature Design by Ashley Cross Island Collection $347.08

How to choose and buy your ideal Coffee and Cocktail Table

Few pieces of furniture have caught the imagination of designers more than the humble coffee table. Simple but so necessary, the coffee table is the perfect canvas to express your artistic side when it comes to interior decorating.

Beginning your Search for Awesome Coffee Tables for Sale.

Whether you’re looking for casual coffee tables or a statement piece guaranteed to garner attention, 1StopBedrooms has the ideal selection of coffee tables online available. When you become our customer, your only job will be picking the one that you want in the budget that works for you. But what coffee table will suit your décor the best?

Coffee Table Types

Coffee Tables as we know them today are late Victorian inventions. A long, low table designed to be placed in front of chairs and sofas in shared living areas, their intention is to support the beverages, magazines and décor items that you use every day. From unique, inexpensive coffee tables to those that are more works of art than furniture, they can give your living room interest while still performing an important function.

Traditional: These are the most common coffee table living room furniture available today. Following their Victorian roots, these tables are generally made of wood and feature carved legs and other 19th century touches.

Modern: Even the most basic of these pieces are highly minimal, casual coffee table designs. Other designers have chosen to take them further. The contemporary coffee table combines elegance and simplicity with ease of use, making it a perfect addition to even the most minimal of interiors.

Eclectic: Perhaps the most exciting of all coffee tables, eclectic designs are more works of art than furniture. True show pieces, these eccentric artifacts create instant interest to a room and are a strong statement on your personality and tastes.

Coffee Table Online Shopping

Throw a penny at the internet, and you’ll have numerous online furniture companies begging for your cash. Sure, you could invest in the first cheap designer coffee tables you find, but how much do you know about the company you’re dealing with? 1StopBedrooms is the kind of retailer that not only refuses to harass you with commissioned sales help but will do anything to help make your online shopping experience more comfortable. When it comes to coffee table online shopping, you couldn’t get any easier. Free shipping? Check. One-year free warranty? You got it. Tax-free and complimentary shipping? We’ve got you. If you’re looking for coffee tables online, we are your one-stop shop. Gather ‘round the coffee table everyone; we’ve got a juicy story or two.

Picture all your friends gathered around in your living room. One of them leans down to place their wine glass on your cocktail table so that they can check their phone. The group watches, horrified, as the glass drops onto your rug, spilling its contents onto the (obviously) pure white shag. That’s what you get for refusing to buy cocktail tables!

The Difference Between Cocktail Tables and Coffee Tables

A cocktail table has one specific purpose – entertaining. Designer cocktail tables are constructed to be elegant but hearty enough to withstand food and beverage services. If you enjoy entertaining at home, they are an absolute essential.

Choosing Elegant Cocktail Tables for the Home

Before you start your search for your luxury cocktail tables, you need to understand what to look for. There’s no shortage of cheap cocktail tables available online, so it pays to do some research.

Materials: Avoid is cocktail tables built with wood, wicker or rattan tops. Think of the spilled drinks and crumbs that coat your table by the end of a party! Liquids can ruin the finish of these materials quicker than you can reach for a rag. Glass or marble is infinitely easier to clean and will save your nerves in the long run.

Height: Low profile cocktail tables are the standard. The top should be no more than an inch or two lower than the seat of your chairs. Any higher or lower than this and the process of placing your glass or plate down becomes awkward. Think reachability!

Placement: Because the majority of cocktail table designs are shorter, the most common position for them is in front of your sofa or chairs. This is the ideal spot for unusual cocktail tables that function as a conversation piece as well. Want a taller table? Choose a design for behind your sofa, allowing you to place your glass behind you as you chat. Once again, it should be an effortless motion. Too tall and you’ll end up reaching!

Cocktail Table for Sale!

At 1StopBedrooms we’ve worked hard to bring you a fantastic selection of cocktail tables at prices we’ve worked even harder to keep low. By forming relationships with our suppliers, we receive the best quality furniture at discounts that allow us to pass those savings on to you. Still confused about your new table? Our furniture experts are available over the phone or online to walk you through the whole process – from identifying your perfect cocktail table to arranging for delivery and set up. Go on, crack the bubbly and bring out the cheese tray!