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1 Cyrus Black Leather Match Four-Seat Home Theater Set - 600130-4 Coaster Pavillion Collection $1,660.15

How to choose and buy your ideal Theater Seating

For decades the home theatre has been a marker of extreme wealth. Whereas the rest of the world has to put up with someone kicking the back of their chair or texting all the way through a movie, those lucky enough to have their own private cinema enjoy an irritation free film experience whenever they desire. It’s a true indulgence but one that more and more people are investing in as the cost of both technology and theatre seating furniture goes down. It makes financial sense! After all, think of all the money one could save on popcorn!

Not Another Home Movie…?

Everyone seems to have a collection of family videos that demand a spot in the home to be viewed. Whereas Joe Public usually puts a sheet up somewhere dark and huddles around the makeshift screen with his family, those with money to burn painstakingly set up their own ‘screening rooms’. No stops are pulled in their construction. From the screen and the curtains all the way down to movie theater style seating, the home screening room used to be a status symbol that few could afford.

Your Personal Cinema Awaits!

Although still an indicator of wealth, the process of creating a home theatre is immeasurably easier than it was in your grandparent’s time. Once all the electronics are taken care of (and you know how to operate them), all that’s left is to choose the home theatre seating that catches your eye. Today’s theater sofa seating is something to behold! Not only is it capable of seating up to four people comfortably, they have been specifically designed for viewing. Many models include perks that you just don’t find in the cinema. Cup holders, snack trays, LED lighting, electronic reclining features and lush upholstery make your movie experience so much more relaxing and pleasant than it is in an overcrowded cinema.

Can We See your Tickets, Please?

Our theatre seating has been carefully curated by our furniture experts to be the best selection available at the best prices. 1StopBedrooms is literally your one stop shop for all your home theatre furniture. We are proud to help outfit your screening room and are available to assist you in making the perfect choice. The cheap seats theater goers struggle with will be a distant memory when you sink back into one of our expertly crafted home movie theatre seats. They might even make your parent’s cruise videos survivable!