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Best-sellers: Futons Price List

Name Brand Collection Price
1 G136 Sofa Bed (Black and Red) Glory G136 Collection $365.33
2 Dilleston Futon Style Sofa Bed Coaster Dilleston Collection $510.92
3 Furniture of America Iona Gray Futon Sofa Furniture of America Iona Collection $749.21

How to choose and buy your ideal Futons

These days, the majority of people don’t have the living space to follow in their parent’s footsteps and buy entire living room furniture sets or equip a guest room. Instead, they are looking for savvy, modern pieces that will not only save space but impress as well.

Two Pieces in One!

Futons are the grandfather of all functional furniture. Consisting of a mattress and duvet, the traditional Japanese futon is aired, cleaned and stored away in a closet during the day to free up living space. Over time the basic design altered to become a low wooden bed. When not in use, it folds to become a sofa. Ideal for first apartments, good quality futons are an excellent space saving piece that, if chosen carefully, will last for decades.

What is the Most Comfortable Futon to Sleep On?

If the mattress is too thin, you will be able to feel every slat of the frame beneath you. Too firm? You’ll find yourself aching like you’ve slept on the floor all night. The secret is the filling. The majority of futon mattresses are filled with foam and depending on the quality; the mattress can end up sagging or wearing out before it’s time, wasting money and damaging your back. Look for high-density latex foam or even an elegant futon stuffed with natural materials such as cotton and wool. Much more substantial than the foam versions, the cotton stuffed models are also much softer. They are the perfect option for side sleepers or people with latex allergies.

How Big are Futons?

The futon mattress determines the size of the sofa. Lounger style futons fold up twice, and the result is a loveseat by day and a twin or double sized mattress at night. Bifold futons are a better choice if you’re looking for more room. The only fold once and are the approximate length of the queen size mattress they come with. Whichever you choose, be sure to invest in luxury futon covers. Available in a wide variety of patterns to suit any décor, they protect the mattress from the substantial wear that comes with functioning as both seating and a bed.

Where to buy Cheap Futon Furniture

You could spend months looking for the best deals on futons. There is a multitude of online retailers waiting to exchange your money for a rickety futon that won’t last a season, let alone a decade. 1StopBedrooms caters to both space and the time-starved. We’ve done the work to ensure that you not only get the best prices on futons but the best quality as well. Take a look at our collection of the best affordable futon furniture available – we’ll save you space, time and money!