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Furniture Terms

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  • Accent Furniture

    Furniture chosen for its aesthetic appeal, such as to compliment another piece of furniture as part of a set. Can be functional or sometimes purely decorative.

  • Antique

    Any piece of furniture that is over a century old.

  • Acrylic

    A type of upholstery that is less soft, but more durable and which holds its shape well over time.

  • Arrow Back

    A chair back made from wide wooden slats that narrow to tapered tips.

  • Arrow Foot

    A tapered, cylindrical foot topped by a small ring.

  • Accent Chair

    Any type of chair chosen to match or complement the furniture in a living room or other seating area.

  • Adjustable Bed

    A bed with an adjustable surface, allowing the feet to be raised or the back to be lifted into a sitting position.

  • Armoire

    A tall, narrow piece of furniture with drawers for storing clothing.

  • Armchair

    A dining room chair with arms, which is usually placed at the head or foot of the table.

  • Antique Finish

    Finish designed to mimic the appearance of the natural process of aging, giving wood furniture the look of being antique.

  • Area Rug

    A rug that only covers a certain section of the floor

  • Abattant

    Also known as Secr?taire ? Abattant, a drop-front desk with drawers or cabinets underneath.

  • Acanthus

    Decorative carving in the shape of a leaf; specifically, the leaves of the Acanthus Spinosus plant.

  • Alder

    A type of wood from the Alder tree of the Birch family. A light brown hardwood used in making cabinets and other types of furniture.

  • Acetate

    A type of man-made cellulose fiber, used in some upholstery weaves.

  • Applique

    A decorative ornamental piece made by sewing one piece of material over another, such as decoration sewn onto upholstery.

  • Apron

    Also known as a skirt, a piece of wood beneath the seat rail of a chair or under a tabletop for support.

  • Art Deco

    A style from the 1920s and 1930s, consisting of geometric shapes in various bold and colorful patterns.

  • Ash

    A type of light colored hardwood, usually used in cabinets and wooden furniture.

  • Astragal

    A wooden strip or molding overlapping the seal between two doors, such as in a cabinet or armoire.

  • Arm Caps

    Fabric covers that fit over the arms of a chair or sofa to protect the upholstery.

  • Anthemion

    A carving in the shape of a stylized flower and leaves, resembling a honeysuckle.

  • Arabesque

    A carving designed with floral patterns with geometric scrolls, spirals, and zigzags.

  • Acroterion

    A classical or gothic type of carving which is mounted on the apex of a pediment, such as atop an armoire or dresser.

  • Alabaster

    A translucent white stone, often used in decorative carving, lamps, and candlesticks.

  • Andiron

    A metal support leg that holds wood in a fireplace.

  • Almond

    A reddish wood commonly used in high-grade cabinetwork.

  • Apple Wood

    A wood ranging from yellow to pink to orange, with interesting grain patterns that are useful for furniture and inlays.

  • Aniline Dyed

    Leather upholstery which has been dyed in a dye bath, rather than a coated finish, so that the dye fully penetrates the leather.

  • Amboyna

    A reddish-brown wood with a mottled grain, often used in veneers.

  • Angel Bed

    A type of bed that has a canopy supported by posts on the headboard, but not by the footboard.

  • A/V Cabinet

    A cabinet designed to store audio/video devices such as DVD players, video game consoles, etc.

  • Apothecary Chest

    A chest with small drawers, originally used to store herbs