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Comprehensive Buying Guide: which Dining Table is right for you

The dining table – it’s a universal place where people of all cultures and backgrounds come together at the end of a long day to eat and get some perspective. It’s a healing place. A place of conversation, nourishment, and laughter. But what if your table isn’t much more than a board held up with a couple of blocks? Even worse, what if you don’t have one at all?

Dining Room Tables – an Absolute Necessity.

The days of the separate dining room are coming to an end. More and more, consumers are living in smaller homes where working surfaces are at a premium. Many of us don’t have the room for the same, banquet sized dining room tables we grew up with. This doesn’t mean you have to eat on the floor like an animal, however. Extendable dining room tables and specifically designed dining room tables for small spaces have come to the rescue!

Which Table is Right For You?

Extendable models: These kitchen and dining room tables have removable ‘leaves’ that help to expand your table to accommodate guests if need be. When not in use, these tables are generally sized for between two to four people making them the perfect option for occasional entertainers.

Tables for Small Spaces: There are two varieties of dining table that are ideal for tiny areas. The first and most traditional is the round table. These tables fit more than a conventional square or rectangle shape while still conserving space. Not a fan of the round design? A tall dining table or long narrow dining table might be more to your style. A high-top dining table creates the illusion of more space in the room, and longer, narrow picnic sized tables are perfect for equally narrow kitchens and dining rooms. Just be sure that there is at least 42 – 48 inches of room between the wall and the table to allow freedom of movement.

The Search for Cheap Dining Room Tables Begins!

Whether you need small or large dining room tables, 1stopbedroom has you covered. We have hired dedicated furniture experts to help guide you through your selection with the kind of personalized, five-star service that’s often lacking in a competitive market. Non commissioned, knowledgeable and friendly our team is available online and over the phone to help you make the right decision for your space. Go ahead, invite the neighbors for a Sunday Roast. Round, Tall or Viking Banquet long, we’ve got a table that will work for you!