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Best-sellers Servers, Sideboards & Buffets Price List

Name Brand Name Collection Name Price
1 Bolanburg White and Gray Dining Server Signature Design by Ashley Bolanburg Collection $492.73
2 Realyn White Dining Room Server Signature Design by Ashley Realyn Collection $492.73
3 Besteneer Gray Dining Room Server Signature Design by Ashley Besteneer Collection $299.96
4 North Shore Buffet Signature Design by Ashley North Shore Collection $663.13
5 Deryn Park Cherry Buffet/Server Homelegance Deryn Park Collection $852.50
6 Lordsburg Brown Buffet with Hutch Homelegance Lordsburg Collection $1,118.28
7 Magnolia Manor Antique White Buffet Liberty Magnolia Manor Collection $805.00
8 Bonaventure Park Cherry Buffet Homelegance Bonaventure Park Collection $1,032.76
9 Azure Navy Blue Carrera Sideboard Orient Express Traditions Collection $2,699.00
10 Moriville Gray Server Signature Design by Ashley Moriville Collection $637.70

Comprehensive Buying Guide: which Servers, Sideboard & Buffet is right for you

You’d think the world of furniture was a pretty straightforward place. However, there is a particular set of dining room furniture that still causes even the most seasoned decorators some confusion – servers. Also used in the kitchen, dining servers might confuse with the number of names they're referred to. Their function, however, couldn’t be simpler.

What is a Dining Room Server?

Sometimes mistakenly called sideboards or buffets, a dining room server table is a small scale table initially used by the wait staff. These days it is still used in much the same way. A place to put desert, appetizers or to stack plates in between clearing, a server for dining room meals like is an indispensable extra pair of hands. Many modern kitchens also include kitchen server furniture. Often complete with hutches for extra storage, a kitchen server has the same primary function as one found in a dining room – storage and ease of use.

Choosing your New Dining Room Servers Furniture

Before you pick up the first table you see, you need to make some decisions about location and style. If you have a separate dining area, make sure you measure how much available space you have. There should always be enough room for your guests to move around the table and push back chairs. If your server is too bulky, you might find it to be more of a hindrance than a help. Measuring your existing furniture and available space is a must!

Your dining room server table should either correspond with the existing style or complement it. Because they are traditionally small pieces, you can afford to have some fun with the style and materials without distracting too much from your existing ‘feel’. Traditional servers are generally made from heavier, dark wood and often include ‘antique’ touches such as carved accents. Transitional pieces keep the antique look but are generally lighter in color and less ornate. If you prefer sleek and modern, many newer servers are not only compact but come with wine racks and storage for glassware.

We’ve Got Your Dining Room Servers For Sale!

Don’t waste any time dragging yourself from shady furniture store to craigslist ad and back again. 1StopBedrooms has precisely what you’re looking for. From a kitchen server table to a dignified dining server fit for royalty, our lowest price guarantee, and multiple sales ensure that you not only get top quality furnishings but at a price that we’ve worked hard to make the best available. Don’t balance dishes in front of your guests again. Let us deliver your new ‘extra pair of hands’ today.

The dining room sideboard is moving up! No longer allocated to stuffy dining rooms where the only thing it collects is layers of dust, sideboards have officially made their way out into the rest of the home. More and more, designers are incorporating these useful pieces in living rooms and bedrooms not only as storage solutions but as points of interest throughout the home. Have you rescued your sideboard from slavery yet?

What is a Sideboard?

Often confused with servers or buffets, a dining sideboard is a low legged, long cabinet that reaches to the floor with its main surface at waist height. A sideboard with drawers is the most common design as it can be used to keep pots and pans, extra dishes and other dining miscellanies out of sight. A Kitchen sideboard is also common for this reason. It’s an excellent piece for otherwise space-starved areas as you not only get the extra storage but additional workspace.

How to Style a Sideboard

Moving your piece out of the dining room or, even better, adding an additional sideboard to your home is a quick way to add a personal touch to your space. Unique sideboards in unlikely materials like teak or high gloss laminate go a long way for visual impact. When you arrange décor items on the top, you can really bring interest to an otherwise blank space. Remember the power of three! A trio of objects on display is a design must as it is pleasing to the eye and still orderly. Consider color accents, unusual mirrors or large paintings to anchor your sideboard against the wall. If you choose a glass-fronted sideboard, remember to apply design principals to what you’re storing inside. No one wants a view of clutter!

Sideboard Sale, Anyone?

If you’re considering adding new pieces to your home, furniture sideboard accents are an excellent choice. An even better option? Letting 1StopBedrooms help you find your ideal sideboard at the best price available. Sideboard with wine storage? We’ve got it. Sideboard with hutch for your grandmother’s china? We’ve got that too. Each of our pieces has been hand-picked by our furniture experts and is ready for guaranteed delivery. With our best price guarantee and white glove in-home service, we’re sure you’ll enjoy a relaxed, luxurious online shopping experience with us. We wouldn’t settle for anything less!

In the world of furniture, there is a trio of tables that seem to confuse everyone. Each has the same essential function, but it’s the use that separates them and their names that cause even the most seasoned of designer’s dismay. It’s that notorious three-some – dining room tables. You’ve heard of Servers? What about sideboards? The buffet? Confused yet? Let us take the reins. If it’s extra counter space you’re looking for without the stress of major renovations; you’re looking for a dining room buffet.

Buffet Tables for Dining Room Storage

Traditionally, dining buffet décor is not that different than a sideboard. Long and lean, these tables sit on taller legs than a sidetable and are often lighter in design. Their large work surface means there is more room for its intended function – holding a feast for your guests to pick and choose from. If you’re not avid entertainers, you can use the same space to showcase your décor or even bring your antique china out of the attic!

What about Kitchen Buffet Furniture?

In some cases, you may be renting. In others, you may not have the extra cash for renovations. If you lack in kitchen space, however, something must be done. Although designed for the dining room, a kitchen buffet table has become a popular solution for space issues in your prep area. A buffet for kitchen use is indispensable if you are an avid chef. You’ll not only get the extra workspace, but a kitchen buffet storage unit can help keep your tangle of appliances out of the way. Look for designs that have closed doors as opposed to glass ones so that you can keep your ‘shame’ private!

The Hunt for Cheap Dining Room Buffets

Buffets, whether for kitchen or dining room use, are not small purchases. You have to consider budget, size, delivery and set up options as well! Let us take care of those details. 1StopBedrooms has a comprehensive selection of kitchen buffets for sale as well as dining room pieces designed to impress. We’ve taken out expertise worldwide to curate a superb collection of pieces in a variety of styles sure to fit any home. With frequent sales, coupons, free shipping and even set up, we’ve made sure that the only thing that you have to be confused about is the difference between a buffet and a sideboard. Hopefully, we’ve cleared up that too!