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Comprehensive Buying Guide: which China Cabinet is right for you

One of the most common heirlooms, china sets have been handed down through for centuries – a symbol of family pride that is timeless. And they’re not cheap either! Antique china is exceptionally collectible with many enthusiasts paying hundreds over the original selling price. Maybe it’s time to brush off that box of plates in the attic and bring your heritage to light!

What’s the Difference Between a China Cabinet and a Hutch?

Dining room china cabinets are specifically designed to be a showcase. Many designs have mirrored backs to help reflect your pieces and glass doors on the front for easy access. Hutches tend to be much more utilitarian in design and are more purpose-built for storage rather than visual appeal.

Choosing your China Cabinet

Your first decision should be the size of the cabinet. If you have more than one collection or your set is sizable, you should consider purchasing a large china cabinet to accommodate it. Considering adding to your collection? It may be prudent to look for a china cabinet for sale that will accommodate growth.

Where to put your china cabinet is as important as what you put in it. A short china cabinet will be no good at all if you’ve got a massive wall to fill! Have a bigger kitchen than a dining room? Smaller collections might be better suited to a narrow china cabinet that can comfortably fit into the corner of a kitchen or breakfast nooks. Try to keep it in dining specific areas, however. As proud as you are with your grandma’s antique collection, it will be very distracting in other spaces.

How to Display China in a China Cabinet

You might be tempted to jump at the first cheap china cabinet you see. Don’t. To display your collection to it’s the best advantage, you need to know how to make it ‘shine’. Many china cabinets now come with adjustable shelving to accommodate pieces of differing sizes and lighting to help add a touch of drama. There are even cabinets that come with ‘grooves’ built into the shelving to keep your plates stable. As long as you are sure to maintain symmetry in your display and stop yourself from crowding your shelves, each of your pieces will have a chance to shine.

China Cabinets for Sale, Anyone?

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