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A perfect Desk and Buffet Lamps: find the one to make your home cosier

You may have the most original collection of furniture and art pieces, but even the most beautiful of things fade under bad lighting. Whether it’s in an office, on a bedside table or in the corner of your study - there is nothing like the glow that luxury desk lamps bring to a room.

Stylish Desk Lamps – How to Choose?

Also known as ‘task lighting,’ desk lamps are used to illuminate workspaces. If you require one for a specific job where overhead lighting simply doesn’t cut it, you need to think about how much light you’ll need.

The basic rule is that the taller the reading desk lamp, the more light it will give to the chosen area. If you need a lot of light, a big desk lamp that sits on the floor rather than a compact desk lamp is your best choice. Just be sure that you measure the amount of space you’ll need lit and ensure that the lamp is of the right height. Luckily, these are generally flexible desk lamps that allow the user to adjust the height and position of the lamp to their best advantage. Remember to stock up at 5-10-watt LED bulbs while you’re at it! It’s the ideal wattage for close work, and your eyes will thank you!

Desk Lamp Designs for Decorating

Have an empty corner? An uninspired side table? The best decorators recommend layering lighting to create ambiance. If you have a painting you wish to showcase, why not pick up a few desk lamps on sale and adjust them to act as a kind of spotlight? If you want to create an inviting nook, a tall lamp behind your favorite comfortable chair creates an instant cozy oasis.

There are many different styles of desk lamps online – from classic tiffany designs to modern conversation pieces. When choosing, be sure to consider your other pieces. Adding an unusual article in a similar design or contrasting color can serve to accent your existing lighting without breaking your budget. If there is nothing to anchor the lamp style wise, however, it can end up taking up the room’s entire focus.

Desk Lamps Sale Extravaganza!

1StopBedrooms has an unparalleled selection of ambiance and task lighting. Our furniture experts know the value of a well-placed lamp and are available when you are to help you decide on the best piece for you. We’ll guide you through your purchase – from the moment you put your new lamp in your basket to the moment our white-glove delivery service closes the door behind them. No sales tax and guaranteed delivery? You bet. Steep discounts and online coupons? We’ve got those too. Let us bring a little light to your life today!