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A perfect Curio: find the one to make your home cosier

Have you ever thought about celebrating the joy of collecting? When we were children, collecting was a joy. It was a way of celebrating who we are and all of our unique obsessions. That joy doesn’t need to stop as soon as we hit adulthood, however. Many of us still enjoy the hunt and have boxes of collectibles, stored away and (hopefully) collecting wealth by the day. What about showcasing your hard-won purchases in a specially designed wall curio cabinet?

What is a Curio Cabinet?

More than a simple ‘curio shelf’, a curio cabinet is a symbol to anyone who enters your home. You are serious about your fandom. Constructed similarly to the traditional china cabinet, curio furniture is explicitly designed to showcase the magnificence of your collection.

Unlike the china cabinet which features only a mirrored back and glass doors, a curio cabinet is generally glass on all sides to display your items to their best advantage. Not willing to disrupt the view? Consider purchasing a cabinet with side accessibility rather than a front door. This will allow you to reach in and adjust your pieces without interrupting a clean, front view. A lighted curio cabinet is the ultimate when it comes to showcasing your hard work. You can adjust where the light is positioned, highlighting the pieces you want for maximum effect.

Where to Put your New Cabinet of Delights!

When it comes to placing your new piece, think of the room it will be in and the space you have available. If you’re dealing with a space-famine, you might want to consider a small curio cabinet that fits comfortably into the corner of your bedroom or corner curio cabinets to make use of otherwise blank space. Large curio cabinet furniture is ideal for large or tall walls as they can add interest to an otherwise unused space. Your collection can be displayed wherever your heart desires – as long as you have the space, you can have the cabinet.

OK, Get Me Curio Cabinets Cheap!

Now that you’ve seen how indispensable a good curio cabinet is when it comes to your collection, the next logical step is finding curio cabinets for sale. No one wants to go into debt and furniture is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll make. We make it easy at 1StopBedrooms. We have on call furniture experts to answer any questions, easy financing, no sales tax and the kind of customer service that cripples the competition. Why hesitate? Shouldn’t everyone know what good taste you have in Sci-Fi?