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Star International 

Star International
You’re a person who prides themselves in their sense of style. Your good judgment in home fashion and interior design is unquestionable, and you’ve worked hard to create a home that reflects your style philosophy. You’re not going to be satisfied with safe, traditional pieces and the idea of transitional furniture practically gives you goosebumps. You’re precisely the kind of fashion-forward person who would appreciate the bold, future-forward look of Star International Furnishings.

Founded in the late 70’s, Star International is quickly becoming one of the major players in the International furniture and interior design world. They have always prided themselves in be  view more ing ahead of their time concerning design, and a quick look through their lookbook confirms this. Strong Lines and minimal styling meet with innovative new directions regarding construction. Every piece, whether it’s an ottoman or a bed frame, is like a piece of art that will transform your home. This doesn’t mean the pieces are more form than function, however! As proud as they are of their designs, they are even more proud of the excellence they achieve in construction. Each piece has been carefully constructed not only to be a conversation piece and a statement in itself, but they have been manufactured to be strong enough to withstand years of use. A piece from Star International is the perfect combination of beauty and brains.  Show less

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Star International 

Star International
Our highly experienced furniture experts at 1StopBedrooms have gone out of their way to curate a selection of furniture that will satisfy the design needs of every client. We knew right away that anything from Star International would be ideal for your modern, Euro-chic home. From their stunning dining sets to their unique, ultra-modern living room furnishings, 1StopBedrooms is confident that this innovative company will give you exactly the look you need at a price point that can’t be beaten.