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How to choose and buy your ideal Dresser

We take the small conveniences in life for granted. Take the humble bedroom dresser for example. Imagine the state of your bedroom without one! Your clothes might begin in small neat piles on the floor, but over time those piles would become a chaos of socks and wrinkled shirts.

The Workhorse of the Furniture World.

Also known as a bureau, chest of drawers or coffer, the dresser is a simple but important piece. These days there is a range of different dressers catering to every taste. From elegant bedroom dressers to utilitarian ones there are many designs available to coordinate with any decorating style. All you need to do is decide which will accommodate your needs for both storage, space, and style.

Which kind of dresser is right for you?

Your biggest consideration when searching for the perfect dressers for sale online is available space. Your bed takes up the most bedroom area and as such the dresser you choose must fit the remaining dimensions of the room. Those with a hearty amount of space might find a standard, universal dresser to be the best choice. These waist high pieces generally have five drawers and fit nicely along the longest wall in the room. Shorter, three drawer dressers are known as ‘bachelor's chests' are perfect as an addition to larger bureaus but may also accommodate those who have only a small amount of clothing to store. Are you an avid clothes horse at heart? The ‘Tallboy' dresser has you covered. The largest of all, the tallboy has five to six large drawers with smaller ones on top for items such as socks or underclothes.

We’ll Keep Your Clothes Neat and Tidy!

Once you've decided on a look, your next mission is to find the best place to buy a dresser. Many people are uncomfortable with the whole furniture showroom experience and for good reason. Traditionally the search for good quality dressers for cheap leads right into the waiting hands of commission-based salesmen hawking subpar products. Is there anything more awkward? Take a deep breath and go online! Our selection of affordable bedroom dressers at 1StopBedrooms is as unmatched as our superior customer service policy. In addition to offering free shipping, no sales tax and courteous in home set up, our best price guarantee means that they will meet any competitor's price. Your dresser might have its roots back in the middle ages, but your shopping experience doesn't have to!