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How to choose and buy your ideal Bed

Beds have come a long way from the piles of straw favored by our ancient ancestors. Nowadays we have the luxury of choosing from many different options in terms of size, shape, and comfort. After all, what is the bed but a place where we can finally unwind and restore both body and soul?

8 hours a day is a long time! You’d better get comfortable.

The bed is one of the only pieces of furniture specifically designed for relaxation and for most of us, the most substantial piece in the bedroom. Before you begin your search, ensure that you have the correct dimensions of the room and an idea of how big a bed you’ll need. Does your partner snore and toss all night? Are you a light or heavy sleeper? Do you prefer a hard mattress or one that swallows you up like a cloud? Both the size and firmness of the bed you purchase can have a massive impact on how well you sleep. Be sure you know exactly what you need before you begin your search.

Gilded Canopy or Streamlined Minimalism?

The choice you make is indicative of your style as well as your individual physical needs. If you enjoy minimal designs, choose a modern style to complement the rest of your space. Always yearned for a four poster? Why not give one a try? If you find yourself drawn to a more casual feel, the unfinished wood and rustic edges of cottage styles will work perfectly. The key is to take your time looking at the many different materials, finishes, and textures that are available to you.

HOW much?

Bed prices can be intimidating, leaving many on the search for inexpensive beds that are still supportive and long-lasting. Countless companies offer beds for sale making a difficult choice even more challenging. The good news is that affordable beds can be awesome beds. You simply need to know where to buy a bed that will complement both your style and your budget. At 1StopBedrooms, we are here to help. Our selection of beds online is unparalleled with a wide variety of unique beds sure to suit any taste. Finding the right comfy bed couldn’t be easier. Our comprehensive customer service package ensures that your bed is not only delivered to your door but set up as well. Your satisfaction is guaranteed from the moment you click on your choice to the moment you settle down for your first night’s sleep. If that doesn’t help you drift off to dreamland, then nothing will!