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How to choose and buy your ideal Media Chest

Traditionally, the bedroom was space with limited uses. Sleeping was the primary activity along with other equally enjoyable pursuits. These days however, people are using their bedroom for other forms of relaxation. After all, what is more enjoyable than lying in bed watching a movie and checking your phone simultaneously? It’s the new national sport!

Unwind in Style!

Why not consider a bedroom media centre to keep up with your demand for a little entertainment to go with your relaxation?

When choosing your new bedroom media chest furniture, you might be tempted to run out and grab the first style that pleases you. This is a mistake that has led many people to both neck strain and disappointment. The key to the perfect media chests for bedroom use comes down to mechanics.

Choosing your New Best Friend.

Step One: Lie in bed the way you usually do. Using a tape measure, extend the tape to where your line of sight naturally falls. Have a helper mark this with pencil. The shelf supports your television must be no lower than twelve inches below this mark.

Step Two: Measure your television and the supporting wall. This helps to determine the width and height of the centre that you will be able to accommodate. You may find that a small media chest is better suited to the specifications of your bedroom. Those with taller ceilings or larger beds may be better off with one of the tall media chests on the market today.

Step Three: Your choice in TV media chest bedroom furniture also depends on the overall appearance of your bedroom. If you’re a proud gamer with an epic collection, you might want to consider an open unit to display your pride and joy. Secretly ashamed of your late night watching habits? Choose an armoire style unit with doors that you can hide your TV, Cable Box and PVR behind. This is also an excellent choice for those who don’t like the idea of electronics interfering with their décor.

Your ’Me Time’ is Our Time to Shine!

1StopBedrooms makes it easy to choose your new addition. Searching for a cheap media desk? We’ve hand-picked them to ensure that they are not only affordable, but of the kind of quality that will last for years. Our price match guarantee and superior warrantee on all our products means that by becoming our customer you’ll have a little less on your mind when you settle in for another binge-watching session!