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How to choose and buy your ideal Day Bed and Futons

Is there any piece of furniture more versatile than a daybed? An ingenious hybrid of a chaise longue, bed and storage space it’s arguably one of the most useful items you could invest in for the home.

What’s a Daybed?

The daybed can be seen in artwork dating all the way back to the early 1300’s! It is both an indoor and outdoor piece; used as a kind of multipurpose lounger to hold relaxed social gatherings or to enjoy a little lie down with a book. Also known as futons, there are many different designs to choose from to accent and accessorize your existing décor.

What a Space Saver!

Struggling with a cluttered, smaller space such as a child’s room? A bedroom daybed can almost double the amount of available space. Purchasing a model with daybed drawers can open the room up even more by eliminating the need for additional storage pieces. A daybed with a trundle is another smart way to recoup even more floorspace. Companies such as Sleepy’s Daybeds offer children’s designs with a second pull out mattress that tucks neatly beneath the frame. Of course, you might have to deal with all night long giggle sessions, but you’ll be so smug about your clever use of space that you’ll barely notice!

Take it outside…

A daybed can also help with bigger rooms. For example, positioning one in the centre of a large area creates division, defining different areas in an otherwise cavernous space. Why not take a hint from the Ming Dynasty and manipulate an exterior space in the same way? Is there anything more luxurious than stretching out in your garden, drink in hand, surrounded by greenery and a designer daybed cushion or two? You could even store some gardening tools away underneath and no one would be the wiser!

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