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How to choose and buy your ideal Bedroom Vanities

We are in the age of pampering. Terms like ‘self-care’ and ‘living your best life’ have become common place and consumers are clamoring to give themselves the lifestyle they want at a price they can afford. Of course, we can’t all be sitting on yachts taking selfies, but we can certainly introduce indulgence into our everyday lives. Why not consider bringing back the bedroom make up vanity?

A Proper Lady!

Known as a low boy, duchess or dressing table, mirrored vanity furniture was designed specifically for applying cosmetics and styling hair. Something happens when you slip behind your elegant make up vanity specifically to gaze at your reflection and celebrate your individual beauty. It’s indulgent, it’s relaxing and above all, glamorous. Who doesn’t need a bit more of that in their lives?

Isn’t Vanity a Vice?

A proper bedroom vanity consists of a vanity table with mirror and drawers. The amount and type of drawers depends on the style of the vanity. Some have only a few for cosmetics or jewelry but others are like tiny chests ready to store even the most decadent collection of makeup and skincare. They are traditionally built to be quite low to the ground and the matching chair is also squatter than a traditional seat. This of course adds to the drama of the piece, forcing you down into a more relaxed position as you preen. The style you choose is up to you. Some prefer modern design and there are a multitude of styles that suit a more minimal look while others may prefer to take the ‘glam’ to the maximum with styles resplendent with golds, silvers and velvets. Take a moment to consult with your inner diva – she’ll help you decide.

Time to Add that Touch of Class

If your inner diva prefers not to say, why not consult 1StopBedrooms? Glass, Metal, Wood, Ivory – there is a material and a style for you and the kind of customer service that puts us above the competition. Our vanities are all hand-picked from quality brands then offered to our clients with free shipping, guaranteed delivery and even a variety of set up options so that that manicure of yours can stay as chip free as possible. Treat yo’ self, you deserve it!