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Armoires and Wardrobes

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Displaying 1-48 of 206 Item(s)

Best-sellers: Armoires and Wardrobes Price List

Name Brand Collection Price
1 Jessica Clean White Wardrobe Standard Furniture Jessica Collection $534.40
2 Farmhouse Reimagined Antique White Armoire Liberty Farmhouse Reimagined Collection $1,273.39
3 Pur By White Pullout Armoire Bestar Pur Collection $955.52
4 Aida 2 Door Wardrobe (Ivory and Gold) ESF Aida Collection $634.97
5 Old World Armoire A.R.T. Old World Collection $2,919.20
6 Dresden Cherry Oak Tv Armoire ACME Dresden Collection $1,579.97
7 Lancaster Dove Tail Grey Wardrobe Magnussen Lancaster Collection $1,049.00
8 Glory Furniture G3190A Glory G3190 Collection $573.74
9 Summer Hill Cotton Tall Cabinet Universal Summer Hill Collection $1,288.00

How to choose and buy your ideal Armoire and Wardrobe

Centuries ago, entire rooms were dedicated to storing the robes, gowns and jewels of kings and queens – each chamber outfitted with chests, cupboards and dressers to keep each luxurious item in perfect condition. It was these organizational pieces of ancient furniture that eventually evolved to become what many of us store our clothes in today – modern bedroom wardrobe furniture.

Wardrobe – isn’t that clothes?

Also known as an armoire, a freestanding wardrobe is a large standing closet for both hanging and storing clothing. Unlike a dresser, a good quality wardrobe will not only store foldable items, but includes an open space equipped for hanging. In their heyday, it was believed that the perfect designer wardrobes should have the capacity to hold eight small men. These days however, they are built in sizes suited to any space from the smallest apartment to a king-sized dressing room.

A True Time Traveller – The Wardrobe Today

Due to their usefulness, there are many different types of wardrobe furniture available today. If you are in a bachelor’s apartment, you’d be better served with the thinner, space saving variety. There are even open wardrobes that are designed to tuck into corners. If you are lucky enough to have a walk in closet or spare room, there are wall units available that not only display your fabulous sense of style but can hold shoes, ties, hats and anything else you need. Two or four doors? Glass or ivory? Petite or the size of a queen’s chamber? Even if you don’t have a fur lined robe to store, a wardrobe is an excellent addition to any bedroom.

How to buy a wardrobe?

Buying wardrobe online is the modern way to not only get what you want, but to enjoy a stress-free experience throughout. At 1StopBedrooms we have worked tirelessly to ensure that you not only get the best prices, but the best shopping experience you can have. You are in the driver’s seat. You choose the cost of wardrobe furniture, the style and the size and let us take care of the details. With no sales tax, free delivery over $49 dollars and easy financing, isn’t it time to take your clothes out of those garbage bags in the corner and click on through?