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When you reach a certain age, showcasing your collection of wine bottles on your windowsill loses its charm. There’s something about those rattan covered bottles of chianti moldering in the sun that doesn’t speak so much about sophistication as it does drunken frat party. If you are a wine lover, and who isn’t, you need to ensure that your collection of bottles gives the right impression. Why not get those bottles off the sill and onto some wine rack furniture?

Choosing your New Cool Wine Racks

Whether you collect rare vintages or just like to have a few bottles of rose around the house, a wine rack is the best way to store your treasures. Before you tear off and buy the first cheap wine rack you come across, you need to make some decisions.

Location: Where you intend to put your collection determines the type of rack you will need. Stay away from the kitchen! These rooms typically have a lot of light, and varying temperatures and your wine will not be pleased. Instead, consider housing your wine in the basement or somewhere in the house away from light. If you can’t resist putting one in the kitchen, consider filling decorative wine racks with pretty empty bottles and keeping the good stuff somewhere safer.

A corner wine rack or wall mounted wine rack is an excellent choice if you don’t have a lot of space where the temperature in your home is optimal. Smaller than a traditional standing wine rack, these models are more suitable for space-starved rooms or even walk in pantries or cupboards. Corner wine rack furniture can work very well in studies or living rooms – be sure to keep the light to a minimum.

Material: Wood is the preferred material when it comes to wine racks. However, the quality of the wood can vary. Seeing that you’ll be storing multiple bottles, you need to be sure that the wood is sturdy enough and that the entire unit is constructed to avoid sagging or worse, collapsing over time. Because of this, some wine enthusiasts prefer metal units. A well-constructed steel wine rack with glass holder attachments should last for ages as well as fitting in with less traditional, industrial décor.

We’ve Got the Pinot Grigio Chilling!

1StopBedrooms is here to help you start your very own wine cellar. We’ve curated a collection of superior wine racks designed to keep your collection safe and secure as well as be pleasing to the eye. Our furniture experts have ensured that each rack is of the best possible quality and with daily coupons, steep discounts and award-winning customer service, we’ll have you on your way to becoming a weekend sommelier in no time!