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Let the team of experts help you to make the right BarStool choice

There’s just something about barstool chairs that feel effortlessly cool. It’s as if they were designed specifically to influence the users to take a load off, slump casually and enjoy a beverage or two. Whether you’re lucky enough to have an actual bar down in the man den or a kitchen island that functions as the neighborhoods most popular happy hour spot, cool barstools are a must have to pull it all together.

What is Barstool Furniture?

A type of extra tall chair, bar stools were specifically designed to be used at bars and tall tables or islands. They are generally backless, armless and have support for the feet somewhere at the bottom. The average height for a barstool is 30” and 26” for those used at kitchen counters. They are available in a variety of different materials to match your décor. The most traditional adjustable barstool design is made of chrome or steel and can accommodate guests of a variety of heights. Wooden barstools don’t have the same flexibility but have a charming rustic feel that helps them to work in many different kitchen designs.

What Kind of Barstool Will Work for You?

If you’re in the market for cheap barstools, you need to take stock of where they’ll be used and by whom. If you are decorating an outdoor pool space, you’ll need a design constructed out of a material hardy enough to withstand the elements. A wooden barstool might look perfectly elegant, but unless it’s thoroughly sealed it’s better off in your next to a pool table rather than your actual pool. A folding barstool made of outdoor appropriate materials that can be neatly stacked away at the end of summer is a more prudent purchase.

If you love to entertain, you may need to take your guests into account. Not all your guests will be at loud Sean barstool level! A barstool with back support is easier for younger or older folks to manage for the course of a meal. Those extra tall barstools you’ve been eyeing? Imagine your grandmother trying to hop up on one. You’re better off with adjustable, supportive designs that can support a wider variety of body shapes and sizes.

Belly Up to the Bar Folks!

1StopBedrooms has sourced the best in barstools from around the world. We’ve worked hard to bring you the best possible prices, negotiating for steep manufacturer discounts and ensuring that our site is crackling with monthly sales and coupons. On top of no sales tax, free shipping and guaranteed delivery, we’ll have them lined up at your front door for the best cocktail hour in town.